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Mao (Kun) Chen, forms one half of Mao and Chris, encompassing the roles of designer, ceramist, painter, and instructor, is the co-founder of Mao Projects ceramics studio. Through her artistic endeavors, she delves into the realms of socio-cultural identity and female representation, employing the captivating aesthetic of kawaii. Moving beyond conventional constructs, Mao's personal vision of identity and gender challenges stereotypes, offering a nuanced perspective within a fresh aesthetic reality inspired by the rich histories of both Eastern and Western art.

Her recent ceramic works serve as a conduit for exploring the hybridization and fluidity of Mao's immigrant identity in Canada. Through the exploration of kawaii forms, symbols, and colors, she unveils the intricate layers of her experiences. She earned a Master of Fine Art degree from the University of Calgary and holds a BFA from the University of Alberta. Her creative endeavors have been showcased in various prestigious exhibitions across the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and numerous galleries throughout Canada.

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